Actros 2653 LS 6×4

Harness your truck’s full potential

Maximize Efficiency and Safety with Mercedes-Benz TruckTraining

The Actros 2653 LS 6×4, engineered to deliver low cost of ownership, superb performance, and class-leading safety, now offers complimentary Mercedes-Benz TruckTraining for new vehicle deliveries.

This comprehensive program, tailored to individual fleet requirements, ensures operators can utilize the truck’s innovative efficiency systems, reduce wear and tear, and boost safety and wellbeing.

TruckTraining reflects the world-leading innovations from Mercedes-Benz Trucks. Book within three months of your truck’s delivery to receive this complimentary service.

As part of Daimler Truck, the Actros 2653 LS 6×4 is committed to building the safest and most efficient trucks and supporting trucking industry bodies, such as ATA, Daimler Truck Future Leaders’ Forum, HVIA, and the Australian Electric Vehicle Council, to improve the Australian trucking industry.