Actros 2663 LS 6×4

Experience the Future of Trucking

Efficiency, Comfort, and Advanced Safety for Long-Distance and Heavy-Duty Transport

The Actros 2663 LS 6×4 is designed to meet the growing demands of long-distance and heavy-duty transport more efficiently than ever, featuring a 16L Euro VI engine with 625 hp and an array of advanced safety and convenience features. This 6.75m, 9,300kg truck offers exceptional economy, comfort, safety, and reliability.

Key features include the new MirrorCam system, Interactive Multimedia Cockpit, Active Brake Assist 5, and Active Drive Assist.

As part of Daimler Truck, the Mercedes-Benz shares the commitment to building the safest and most efficient trucks, supporting trucking industry bodies like ATA, Daimler Truck Future Leaders’ Forum, HVIA, and the Australian Electric Vehicle Council to improve the Australian trucking industry.

Embrace the future of trucking with the innovative Actros 2663 LS 6×4.

Visit the display in Reddacliffe Place located across the Victoria Bridge.