Carrier Vector eCool

A revolution in eco-friendly trailer refrigeration

Green, quiet, and efficient – the future of refrigeration

Carrier’s groundbreaking Vector eCool is the first autonomous all-electric trailer refrigeration system, designed to cut direct emissions while providing a quiet solution for transporters.

The eCool is equipped with an engineless multi-temperature refrigeration system and a 19.2kWh battery, ensuring consistent performance with an air-cooled generator on the SAF-Holland SAF TRAKr axle.

This innovative system allows for standard grid power charging and charging through the axle generator during driving, braking, or overrun phases. With a telematics-connected battery management system, the Carrier Vector eCool ensures optimal efficiency.

Carrier’s technology supports the global supply of food and pharmaceuticals while reducing direct diesel engine emissions and operational noise levels below 60dB(A). The Vector eCool is perfect for those seeking eco-friendly and noiseless refrigeration solutions.