Don’t #ucK With A Truck

Experience VR Immersion and Learn Safe Driving Around Trucks

Don’t #uck With A Truck: Promoting Road Safety for a Lifetime

Visit the Don’t #uck With a Truck semi-trailer and immerse yourself in a virtual reality (VR) experience designed to educate Learner (L) and Provisional (P) licence holders on the challenges truck drivers face on the road. 

Learn about safe driving habits when interacting with trucks, such as avoiding driving up the inside lane of a turning truck, giving ample space when pulling in front of a truck, and practising patience when overtaking.

The second phase of the campaign, “Don’t Truck It Up,” features social media personality Luisa Dal Din demonstrating safety scenarios involving trucks turning, stopping, and being overtaken. 

Here are three top tips to remember the next time you are on the road and encounter a truck.


Truck drivers often need to take up more than one lane to turn at corners, intersections and roundabouts.

This can turn into a dangerous situation if other drivers aren’t providing enough space. A truck driver might not be able to see you next to them and you could collide with a truck as it turns.

TOP Tip Number One: Don’t drive past or overtake a turning truck. If a truck is in the middle lane, leave two lanes either side or just hang back!


Trucks take a lot longer to slow down and stop than cars. If truck drivers need to brake hard behind you, you may cause them to swerve, lose control or crash.

Top, Tip Number Two: When pulling in front of a truck, give them 3 to 4 times more space than you would a car!


It can be frustrating to be “stuck’ behind a truck., but being patient could save a life!

Top Tip Number Three: Wait for a dedicated overtaking lane or long stretch of road where you have a clear view ahead, then indicate and overtake quickly to reduce the time you’re in a truck’s blind spot Only pull back in when you can see a truck’s headlights in your rear-view mirror.

Don’t #uck With A Truck was created by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) to improve young drivers’ awareness and education of how to drive safely around trucks