eActros e300 4×2

Heavy Distribution Transport Redefined

Sustainable, Efficient, and Quiet

Mercedes-Benz’s first fully electric truck, the eActros e300 4×2 is designed for heavy distribution transport in urban areas. With a range of up to 300 km, short charging times, and an external noise level of just 60 decibels, it is sustainable, efficient, and quiet on the road.

This innovative truck is part of a new operating ecosystem, including e-specific customer service, comprehensive advice, connectivity services, route analysis, charging infrastructure, and optimized energy management.

Key features include a fully digital cockpit, a charging capacity of 160 kW, and a new e-axle for considerable weight savings.

Daimler Truck, committed to building the safest and most efficient trucks, supports industry bodies such as ATA, Daimler Truck Future Leaders’ Forum, HVIA, and the Australian Electric Vehicle Council to improve the Australian trucking industry.