Followmont Diversity Curtainsider

Celebrating Women in Transport with an Iconic Purple Truck

Embracing Diversity in the Transport Industry

Followmont Transport and UD Trucks Australia are committed to promoting a positive image of the trucking industry and attracting more females to the sector. In March 2023, as part of International Women’s Day celebrations, we will launch an iconic purple truck, symbolizing women’s equality, dignity, and justice.

Our goal is to showcase the diverse career opportunities available and change the male-dominated image historically associated with transport. The purple truck, with the tagline “Embracing diversity in transport,” is designed to spark conversations and promote an inclusive, diverse industry.

Following the success of Followmont’s “Pinky” truck in 2021, we are eager to collaborate with HVIA on promoting careers in the industry during the Truck Festival, exploring opportunities such as handouts and show bags, and discussing the possibility of having Followmont personnel onsite with the truck.