Heart of Australia – HEART 4

Bringing healthcare to the heart of Australia

On the highway to health

Since its launch, Heart of Australia has served over 15,000 patients, saved 600 lives, and spared patients from travelling over 33 million kilometres for specialist appointments.

2021 HEART 4 is a mobile clinic that brings specialist healthcare services to rural and remote communities in Australia.

The Heart Trucks are mobile clinics-on-wheels, featuring the same equipment found in city-based clinics, including treadmills and ultrasound machines.

Since 2014 the fleet has expanded to five Heart Trucks, serving over 30 regular communities across Queensland.

Their mission is to provide equal access to specialist healthcare services for those living in rural and remote areas.

The newest addition to the fleet, HEART 5, also houses the world’s first battery-powered CT scanner, offering mobile radiology services in remote regions.