Hino 300 Series 616 Hybrid

Australia’s Eco-Friendly Rental Van Choice

Embrace sustainability with Australia’s only hybrid electric truck

Hino Australia’s sustainable transport solutions are led by the Hino 300 Series 616 Standard Hybrid, designed specifically for rental van applications.

This eco-friendly truck is the first Japanese-manufactured light-duty truck in the country to meet the stringent Euro 6 exhaust emission standards.

Powered by Toyota Group technology, the Hino 616 Standard Hybrid reduces operating costs and carbon footprint. Key features include a versatile Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) range, hybrid electric drive system, and a smooth 6-speed automated transmission.

Hino Australia’s community commitment extends beyond transport solutions, focusing on reducing emissions and promoting safety with their Euro 6 compliant options and Hino SmartSafe technology.

Hino Australia also supports the Hino Environmental Challenge 2050, showcasing their unwavering commitment to a sustainable future.