Krueger Straight Deck Kurtainer

Revolutionise Your Transport Operations

Experience Unparalleled Strength, Durability, and Versatility

The ideal semi-trailer for transporting oversized or long cargo, engineered to ensure your cargo arrives safely and on time, every time.

Key features include K-Hitch Conmet 10 Stud 285 PCD hubs for extended axle life, RFS Monolite (MK-V Hangers) and Tri-Axle Overslung design for a stable and secure platform, and JOST 90mm Bolt-in Kingpin and landing legs for easy coupling and uncoupling at loading docks.

Additional features of the 2023 Krueger Straight Deck Kurtainer include:

  • RFS 50mm Straps: Maximum load restraint and security during transport.
  • Axitex Load Restraint Curtains: High-quality protection for your cargo during transport.
  • Two Side-Opening Toolboxes: to secure straps, chains, and equipment.

Krueger Transport Equipment values quality, innovation, and community impact.