SEA Electric – SEA 85e

Driving Sustainable Transport Forward

Cleaner, greener, and quieter

With zero-emission performance, reduced maintenance and running costs, and improved workplace health and safety, this all-electric truck offers a range of applications, including dry freight, temperature-controlled freight, elevated working platforms, and tippers.

First launched in 2021, the Australian-designed SEA Electric SEA 85e is revolutionising sustainable transport.

The versatile 4×2 SEA 85e boasts a class-leading unladen range of up to 300km, thanks to its unique in-chassis mounted batteries and patented SEA-Drive® technology.

With award-winning electric vehicles across seven countries, SEA Electric continues to expand, contributing to a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future.

Established in 2012, SEA Electric aims to eliminate over a billion kilograms of CO2 emissions in five years.