UD Quon CG 30 360 8×4

Boosting Productivity and Safety in Australian Fleets

Celebrating 50 years in Australia with the ultimate long wheelbase truck

With a history dating back to 1935, UD Trucks has been part of the Australian market for 50 years, providing trucks for today’s world.

The Quon CG 30 360 8×4 offers a long wheelbase for up to 16 pallets, larger payloads, and class-leading fuel economy.

Advanced safety features like Traffic Eye Brake System, Traffic Eye Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning System, and UD Stability Control ensure driver and cargo protection.

Key features include a fuel-efficient GH8 engine, ESCOT VI transmission, and a lightweight chassis. The truck also boasts a specially designed cabin for driver comfort, with excellent ergonomics and visibility.

UD Trucks, committed to making a positive community impact, partners with organizations like the Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital and St John’s Eye Van.