Vawdrey 22 Pallet Drop Deck Titeliner with Mezzanine Floors

Innovative Drop Deck Titeliner for Enhanced Efficiency

Revolutionising Transport with Customised Solutions

Specifically designed for Lawrence Transport, Vawdrey Australia, established in 1974, is proud to present the 22 Pallet Drop Deck Titeliner with Mezzanine Floors,

As part of a 27m PBS B Double set with a Kenworth T909 prime mover, this trailer enables customers with bonneted trucks to run 34 Pallet B Doubles under PBS at 27m.

Equipped with BPW suspension and axles, Superchrome wheels, and Vawdrey Supa-Strap load-rated curtains, the trailer offers unmatched levels of productivity and safety.

Vawdrey Australia manufacture quality semi-trailers and associated transport equipment, providing customised solutions to clients ranging from large fleets to single vehicle owner-operators.

With a strong commitment to community engagement, Vawdrey is a proud collaborator with Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds, supporting mental health awareness across the industry.